Making Exercise a Habit, Not a Burden

Written by sculpt50 –

There is a difference between wanting to work out and having to work out. Being able to find the motivation and desire to make fitness a consistent part of life, rather than a necessity is a huge key to success. Many people still equate exercise and fitness to dread, or worse, something that cannot be afforded because of time or cost.

At sculpt50, our goal is to make the cost and time commitment of fitness controlled, so anyone can achieve their fitness goals without losing out on life or break the bank. For that reason, we try to promote a mindset that is positive, and help them develop the intention to make a difference. Fitness of any kind, even at sculpt50, requires this mindset for success to truly be achievable.

This article by Colin Robertson – a writer, athlete, and entrepreneur – provides a unique insight on approaching exercise from a positive perspective. He also expresses the importance of making a habit, not a burden, of exercise and fitness. To sum up the article briefly, Robertson provides six key points regarding building a fitness habit:

  • Do not fail, meaning make goals and plans that you can actually achieve and maintain;
  • Do it in the morning, because life happens at night, you can create a better environment at that time of day for success, and you have more willpower in the morning;
  • Have a purpose to aspire to, so you have something to achieve and exceed;
  • Track your progress, so you can improve your goals and plans accordingly;
  • Focus on one habit at a time, so you can avoid being overwhelmed by your goals and plans that individually can lead to great progress; and
  • Focus on the process, not the result, because more is learned from the journey than the destination.

Many of Robertson’s points reflect the way sculpt50 seeks to inspire its family. As a full body fitness studio focused on the right environment with the right workout, sculpt50 and our “50 minute difference” are built to help everyone from all walks of life start work towards their ideal fitness level. Sculpt50 also tries to cater to the Danville community and the greater Tri Valley area by providing something no one else currently does, the Lagree Workout Method™.

These two aspects only make up a fraction of what sculpt50 stands for, but they help develop a workout environment that truly does promote the development of a healthy fitness habit that will hopefully turn the stereotype of working out from burden to inspiration.