Why Danville: The Story Behind S50’s Location

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Written by sculpt50 –

Every story has a beginning, and for sculpt50, that beginning is now. With the grand opening coming in just a few days, there has been a lot of buzz around the new fitness studio in the Danville and the Tri-Valley area, and about the Lagree™ Method we use, but the most common question that has come up so far is: Why Danville?

Sculpt50’s creator, Tiffany Ma, has had a fairly solid idea of what kind of studio she wanted to produce ever since she decided to start her own, and it was simply the question of where to make her vision become a reality. Obviously, at this point, Danville is where she chose, but to give everyone asking why a definitive answer, Tiffany took the time to answer some specific questions related to the new studio. Her answers reveal the story behind her choice of Danville and the Livery as the place to have sculpt50 begin.

When it came to choosing a location, what criteria were considered, and how did Danville meet those criteria?

My ideal location highly values fitness, health, and nutrition, and would also be a very community-oriented town. Danville definitely fits the bill based on my experience – I had been to Danville numerous times because of family and friends in the area.

In terms of developing a fitness studio, what does Danville offer that other locations may not?

The Town of Danville highly values small businesses and community involvement. I talked to members of the Town who had first-hand experience prior to signing the lease to learn more about Danville’s involvement with small businesses. One of the things they offer are grants and mini-grants to assist with social media marketing and other business aspects. I also learned first-hand that the community cares about new small businesses, as people have started to recognize me and shown genuine interest in the construction progress of the studio.

Is there a particular reason you chose the Danville Livery?

Yes. The Livery is a popular place that everyone in town knows about. It’s a very turn-key location and a fun place with many different kinds of businesses. I wanted to be in an area where people could come, hang out, and were not simply passing through for errands. The Livery is also comprised of small businesses, rather than franchises. It’s a very supportive environment where owners can talk to one another and try to help one another – there is a synergy there that I appreciate.

What intentions do you have as a Danville business to contribute to the community?

My goal is to provide a safe and fun place for people of all ages – sixteen and up – and all fitness levels to come and challenge themselves. Sculpt50 is a space for people to set and achieve fitness goals and to continually challenge themselves. I also want to provide a space that is fun and safe for high school and college students to come and work out and be healthy, whether they are athletes or not.

Why do you think Lagree would be a contribution to the Danville community in ways other fitness options may not be?

The Lagree workout is very unique, in that everyone of all fitness levels can do it, and it never gets easier – if it’s easy, it’s not being done correctly. The Lagree workout is also a great compliment to athletes, such as runners, bicyclists, climbers, and so forth, as it increases core strength and flexibility. Sculpt50 is here to support and complement current workouts and fitness interests, not necessarily replace other options.

With the location covered, why choose to only have 10 machines?

When it came down to choosing class sizes, I envisioned sculpt50 having 10 or fewer spots, so that each and every workout feels personal. I want a client to feel that they are getting individual attention during the 50 minute classes, not being herded in a crowd towards generic fitness goals. Everyone has their own reason for working out, and we want to help them on a personal level.