50 Minute Difference: The all-body experience that complements life

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Written by sculpt50 –

When it comes to fitness and exercise, there are hundreds of different options – yoga, Pilates, TRX, barre, weightlifting, and so many others. Here at sculpt50, of all the various types of workouts and exercise methodologies, we chose one that, though popular in specific circles, is still quite unknown to the world, the Lagree Method™. Part of our goal is to bring this unique method to Danville and inspire fitness in a new way for the community.

There are a number of reasons why we chose Lagree, but one of the most significant reasons is how Lagree targets the entire body; almost any body type and age can work out and see results through Lagree. Most other methods target individual aspects of the body or require a level of fitness and strength that keeps some age groups and body types from participating. Sculpt50’s owner, Tiffany Ma, states that she “fell in love with Lagree Fitness Method because it is the most efficient and safe workout I have done, and it is also a great compliment to many workouts.”

Now our particular classes are not the traditional Lagree workouts. The main difference is the amount of time each class takes; where many Lagree programs are 40 minutes or shorter, sculpt50’s classes are 50 minutes long, thus the 50 in our name and the title of our methodology: the 50 Minute Difference. The reason for this difference has to do with Ma’s personal experience with Lagree as both a trainer and a participant in Lagree classes prior to founding sculpt50.

“In doing Lagree at other studios, I felt that 40 minutes was too short . . . and Sebastian [the founder of the Lagree method] likes even less time. I personally like 50 minute classes because I think people have a psychological attachment to working out for around an hour. This is not a Lagree thing. It’s unique to us.”

The 50 Minute Difference is also unique because, though founded in Lagree methodology, we have the freedom to incorporate other workouts. At present, we are keeping things simple, in order to help inform the Danville and Tri-Valley communities about the Lagree method and focus on our desire to foster an environment that allows everyone to be able to participate in the workout. However, in time, you may see other workouts that Lagree compliments become integrated into some of our classes.

So who is our 50 Minute Difference designed for? The simple answer is everyone! By developing a class that is based on Lagree’s low impact, constant motion method and expanding it into a longer, slower timeframe, all body types and ages (16 and older, for safety reasons) can do the workout. That said, each class will challenge the user, and they should expect to have fun, but also sweat, shake, and feel that they worked muscles they have never felt before or would not expect to be work outed without a weight machine. So though it is for everyone, you do need balance, coordination, and to be ready to challenge yourself with new moves and transitions as the workout progresses.

No matter who you are, the 50 Minute Difference is right for you. Just make sure to be prepared for a fun but hard workout. The concept of Lagree is meant to work your muscles until they are tired, and then go a little more. Being sore the next day is normal, and if you do not feel it, we did not do it right. After a few classes a week, you’ll start to see changes in flexibility, strength, endurance, and probably notice how other life activities and even other workouts become easier too. Our goal with the 50 Minute Difference is to complement your life, so that you feel more empowered to succeed in everything you do!